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  1. Today I want to tell you why punching a wall is always a bad idea, sometimes when we are mad and don't think clearly we hit a wall to release said anger without harming anyone, I guess thinking the wall will brake under the force. I'm here to tell you it won't harm anyone....but yourself. Admittedly our train of thought is clouded when we are mad but we must never forget that all forces come in pair of equal magnitude and opposite direction. This is VERY important because although most would think the wall is a static object and cant apply a force it does the exact opposite it will apply the same force you apply to it. So if you have the bright idea of pouncing a wall with say the force of 1000 newton's that wall will apply a 1000 newton force to you and most likely brake your hand. So next time you're mad remember newton's 3rd law and be civilized use a hammer to break down that wall.
  2. Ever give any thought to friction? most people would say its a negative thing because it transfers other types of energy into thermal energy and cause things like rug burn. However friction is what allows us to do all the things we do, like walking without friction you would literally never be able to go anywhere. This is because there is friction between your shoes and the ground you push backward and move forward (**cough** all forces come in pairs of equal magnitude and opposite direction ***cough**) the friction between you create these forces allows for movement. How? well surfaces aren't exactly smooth they are rough and the low and high spots on the surfaces rub an cause friction and allow one to move off another if a force is applied to it Thanks to friction we can walk, drive and do all the fun stuff we do on a daily basis.
  3. As long as I've been sitting I have never given any thought to why I do not fall down. After physics I really took time to think about it and it all made sense. There is more than just gravity playing a role, for the longest time I just assumed that was the only force acting on me, but if that were true them I would accelerate downward with nothing to stop me at 9.81m/s2. Gravity does pull me down but the chair pushes up counter acting my weight which is my mass times the force of gravity. This elates to newton's third law which states all forces come in pair of equal magnitude and opposite direction. Thanks to this I may sit in a chair with no fear of flying into the unknown because my net force acting on me is zero
  4. Hi Zach I also enjoy biking cool to see common interest I also can't wait for the more exciting labs but all physics is fun so I don't think the time we spend in our seats will be completely void of fun.
  5. Hi Kelsey, nice to see you also have an interest in the subject and the material hope we all have fun learning with Mr. Fullerton because as we all know "physics is fun"
  6. Hello, my name is Harrison I am a senior, there's not to much to know about me I enjoy the outdoors, swimming and sleep. I swim for Irondequoit which peeked my interest in lifeguarding so over the summer I became a guard. The job was fun plus working outside in the summer is never a bad thing...Unless it's raining. The best part about my job, aside from sitting by a pool all day, was having the training and skills to help others in need. I am taking physics because it has always been an interest of mine, plus Mr. Fullerton is awesome so I see no reason not to take the class.
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