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  1. Very good argument. Maybe just expand on how it could treat cancer.
  2. Particle Collider Research is essential to the world and the advancement of science alike. We should continue funding this because it has created advancements; such as treating cancer patients. While on the medical side of this, tracking technology used for particle physics is now used to see in a patient. This is called an MRI. Lastly how wouldn't want a freaking hoverboard?! Finding the Higgs Boson could allow us to actually become the future in Back to the Future. Particle colliders and accelerators need to be funded because this is key research that will benefit society and advance our scientific knowledge.
  3. I watched Interstellar the other day and was surprised by the amount of theoretical physics there were. One part of the movie they mentioned magnetic fields, which are real physics, but i thought it was cool that they incorporated that into the movie to show the message. Allow we can't just change magnet fields with the push of a book none the less cool idea. Now we will get into the theoretics. The astronauts in the movie didn't experience time travel but did go through a black hole that had it's own time spand due to being in another universe. This connected to the idea that time travel could possibly be harnessed. Weird ending but physics theoretical and real were present so that was cool.
  4. The reason why you get shocked more in the winter is because everyone has their heaters on which draws the moisture out of the air which causes the charges to build up and cling to us more since there is less moisture in the air.
  5. So static electricity. Around my house i've been getting shocked a lot lately which made me think, why is this happening? As well as me needing to do blog posts. Well the theory is that friction between two objects rubs the electrons off a surface leaving one object positively charged and the other negatively charged. This can happen when you rub your feet on the carpet and then touch something with a neutral charge like a door handle for instance or a cat!! But i thought this was interesting that the charge you gain and then the transfer of it is the shock you get which actually makes sense when you think of it.
  6. As I was reviewing for the midterm coming up I realized that in a lot of sports momentum is very helpful. In almost all sports from lacrosse to rock climbing and cricket. For example when you're playing lacrosse you guide the ball in to your stick. By doing this you're actually reducing the force on the ball giving you a better chance at making a clean catch. The same thing happens in soccer as well. When you try stopping a pass you don't just put your foot down and have it act as a wall, you guide it in slowing it down and reducing the force. Rock climbers use Nylon rope because it is stretchy. Since it has the ability to stretch it reduces the force because it has a longer amount of time to slow down the person rather than just rope. By now everyone should know physics is everywhere but the amount of different ways that it does still fascinates me!
  7. I watched a video recently where he took a piece of cereal, put it in water, and then started moving it around with a magnet. Most people would say it's because there is Iron in the cereal which is attracted by the magnet. But then they started messing around with objects that weren't magnetic like plastic and paper, the results?.... They moved as well! The physics behind this is that water is Diamagnetic which means that when in the presence of a magnetic field, it creates it'sown opposite magnetic field. This means that the water is repelled slightly causing a depression which causes those objects to move in the water. Here's the video if you would like to check it out yourself!!
  8. As we watched the crossfit video in class basically on work and power, i realized that the guys who are relatively smaller in height are generally the guys who are the guys dead-lifting 350. The funny things is that there is a physics behind it. Being shorter gives a great advantage because they have to do less work. Work is equal to force times the displacement of that object. Since they are shorter they have less displacement which in turn leads to less amount of work needed to be done. Here's a shorter guy.
  9. I was watching the mid-season finale of the show Arrow and thought about how the physics of archery work. What I learned was a lot more interesting than just aerodynamics or projectile motion. I learned about the Archer's Paradox which is when an arrow is released to the left or right of the bow and is deliberately aimed off target, it will straighten out during release and hit the target. Due to the high acceleration the arrow begins to oscillate (vibrate), which happens to be it's natural motion. This is caused by the friction of your fingers on the bow string which cause it move left at first or clockwise in it's oscillation. Then as the arrow is leaving the bow it turns counter-clockwise due to the angular acceleration. This leaves the arrows head tailing to the left while the veins (fletchings) are still facing towards the right. And due to that, the veins straighten out the arrow as it oscillates all the way to the target.
  10. While playing ultimate there are many things I have to consider before I even let go of the disc. I have to know what direction the wind is blowing that way I can tilt the disc in the right direction so I can minimize air resistance. Not to mention I have to look out for defenders on the field, pretty obvious. The way defenders are positioned will also let me know how I have to curve the disc or what throw to use to get it past them to my receiver. Now that I'm ready to throw the disc I have to decide an angle to throw the disc at to try and maximize distance, but that's also what my initial velocity comes in. While keeping in mind the air resistance from the first part, my goal is to throw it just ahead of my receiver which helps me decide the initial velocity whether I'm looking to huck it or just dump it. Conclusion?! Physics is used in Ultimate too!
  11. In my everyday I've realized that everything I do is physics. From walking, to sitting, to playing volleyball. Every step I take there is an equal force pushing against my foot as a push against the ground to take a step. Every time I put my bag or books on the table there is a normal force counteracting the force of gravity keeping my bag from falling through the table or the ground really. The same applies to us. Gravity keeps us on the ground and the normal force keeps us above the ground along with everything else. In volleyball there is tons of physics whether you want to talk about when you hit the ball where it goes/how far it goes is dependent on the torque transferred onto the ball, the angle it is hit, and well it is easier to just say physics. When I dig a ball there is an equal force coming off my forearms to the force of the ball being hit at me. Physics is everywhere there's no hiding.
  12. I make science "do science things" with my TI Calculator #TISelfie
  13. Peter this was great. Absolutely stunning. I agree with your second paragraph.
  14. I'm Josh and here is a little about me. I'm 17 and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I like playing any sport really and listening to music. I play Varsity Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. I was the Program Director at the WIRQ, but I am now the Music Director. There's more to me than this but no one wants to hear about that lets be honest. I'm taking Physics because I love Science. Plus colleges want to see that you've taken Physics especially if your going into a Science oriented career. And yes I love Science but I heard that all the experiments were cool and hands on. Physics is necessary for a Science career.
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