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  1. Being a girl a generally spend some time getting ready for various events. Getting ready requires many different tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers. These tools require a good amount of electricity to power and when you plug more then one of them into the plug the lights dim significantly. This is because the circuits that these are plugged into are only series circuits. This means there is only one path for the current to flow through and when you plug in another tool it requires a lot of extra electricity so the lights dim so enough energy can be pulled for the blow dryer. This way you the circuit wont blow out and a fire wont start even thought it is a possible.
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    Tug of war is a primary example of work in physics. Work is equal to force • displacement, in tug of war when each side is pulling back they tend to move from their originally spot so there is a displacement. Also if one person weights 60 kg and the other 80 kg, if the 80 kg person let go of the rope the 60 kg person would fly back father then if they were to let go because the 80 kg person had a larger mass meaning they probably had more force to begin with.
  3. With the super bowl coming up next month I figured I would talk about how power relates to O and D linemen. Power is equal to force • velocity. Offensive linemen and defensive linemen tend to have a large mass and are able to apply a lot of force in a small period of time. Since the linemen are able to apply such a large amount of force they cause a displacement in a short period of time. This means they have a lot of power which could be found using the equation.
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    During the winter time some people like to take advantage of the snow on the ground. I'm not one of those people but there is still physics involved in this activity. When a person is stopped at the top of the hill they have a very high potential energy. They are sitting there waiting to move but they are not yet in motion. As they slide down the hill they have a very high potential energy because they are in motion. To find their exact kinetic energy a person could use the equation KE=1/2mvâ—˜
  5. When I was in Disney with my bff Grace we saw that many of the rides contained different aspects of physics. One of these rides was called rockin n roller coaster. It is a roller coasted that launches you from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. It does this by using large magnets that allow the coaster to accelerate faster and stop faster. The opposite charges of the magnets help slow the coaster and as it is coming to a stop the size of the magnets increase because that means a strong pull between the opposite poles.
  6. Working at the blue cross arena I get to witness many events that all include physics. One of the most obvious ones is hockey. The ice is a surface with very little friction. If you are wearing shoes with little traction it is easy to slide on the ice because of the lack of friction. What this does is allow for the hockey puck to glide across the ice and it will virtually never stop. There is some friction because it is not a completely frictionless surface but the puck would keep going until some force acted on it. In hockey this force would be the players or more specifically the stick.
  7. Cheer is tough and deff has a lot of physics involved!!
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    Phony Physics

    wow mindy who would've thought!!
  9. who knew physics could be so present at the gym!!??
  10. wow its cool you can connect physics to your sport!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The catapult project that we just finished was not what I expected. When it was assigned I expected it to be very stressful and take a long time. With all of the materials already available it turned out to be not that bad even though our catapult didn't go very far. It also taught me more about physics and clarify things I wasn't understand. When we had to solve the questions after it was fun to figure out how well our catapult did. I wish that I was more involved with the building of the catapult but in the end it turned out to be pretty good.
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