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    I used to own a prism which split light into different colors. The prism works via Snells law. A ray of light enters the prism and it is refracted inside and seperated into the various different colors that are released from the other side of the prism. The prisms were used to show that regular light was not colorless but simply required a tool to demonstrate the various colors. There are several different types of prisms triangular, abbe, pellin-broca, amici, and compound. I hope we get to use prisms in an experiment later in the year
  2. As a life gaurd I have the responsibility to work in the morning at times. This means coming in to school at 5:45 am and guarding for people who decide to do laps. Recently a gentleman came in and was somewhat rude and impatient. This is something I really don't care about to much but he was a rather large fellow amd was the first one to enter the still pool via a canon ball near the gaurd chair. After I got over the immediate displeasure at being soaked I noticed how in the pool his mass had created waves that traveled across the pool in a quick pulse which upon reaching the other side of the pool and reflected back. Due to his movement in the water following the wave became impossible. I noticed this several more times after the wave unit began in physics. When the first person gets in you can watch the wave travel reflect and lose energy over time.
  3. Recent studies by nasa try to explain why the corona is so much hotter than the surface of the sun. The corona is a layer of plasma traveling millions of kilometers into space from the sun and can reach temperatures of 2 million Celsius over 20 times hotter than the surface of the sun itself. Recent studies have reintroduced previously ignored magnetic waves called alfven waves which in theory drive solar wind through the outermost layers of plasma and heat or accelerate it. Recent studies show that they are 100 times stronger than thought and while not proven is a likely explanation. I think I'll research this again in a few years to see if any more discoveries were made on the subject
  4. I was bored at my grandfather's house since he only has basic tv which I no longer watch. so I wandered around his house to see of he had any cool stuff. My grandfather loves metal detecting and finds magnets to be very interesting. I found several neodymium magnets in his study and decided to see what I could do. He has an iron deficiency and has cereal that is slightly infused with iron. Firstly no it was not magnetic. But when I crushed some into a fine dust I was able to separate iron from the actual cereal. I showed my mother and sister as well as My grandfather who simply replied that I owed him five dollars for the cereal since I used like half the box. I decided that since it was before I got a job, that financially it was in my best interest to simply go use his metal detector instead of raiding his cupboard for iron infused foods
  5. I read recently of tsunami that occurred in 1958 that occurred in lituya bay Alaska. This accrued when a 30.6 million cubic meter rock fell around 3000 feet into the water below generating an enormous wave that had a crest of 1720 ft above sea level. It removed all vegetation up to that point and is by far the largest wave ever recorded.this wave was so powerful maps of the area had to be altered due to the power of this titanic wave.
  6. Well thats I. Swear I didn't see your post before I put mine up
  7. I saw a cool video once on the discovery channel. It was a special on a newly made weapon by the United States military. It is a large cannon type weapon on large battleships. It is interesting in that it uses magnets to launch shells farther and faster than had it been used with gunpowder. It works by having two magnet rails in parallel that have the magnetic field pointing down the barrel towards the target.
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    cars really are great exapmles of application of physics that can be so easily seen be it crashing or driving
  9. considering that sneakers dont really have the best traction to begin with its impressive more people didn't fall
  10. the game itself is really fun to play but the physics is extremley poor and very amusing to watch
  11. it really is intresting to see what movies acually make sense and what movies don't physics wise for example i read a list of grievences by aphysicist about the movie the matrix it was like two pages long of like 200 or so problems
  12. my mother once witnessed a very impressive but altogether terrifying car crash several years before i was born. it late on a friday and my mother was driving down the highway with the only other driver in sight being a large eighteen wheeler that was about 30 meters ahead of her. a drunk driver had somehow made it two miles down the mostly empty road and was going far above the speed limit of 60 mph. the truck was many times larger than the small four seater and even though it had a greater speed both the mass and momentum of the truck were far greater and the car was crushed like a can under a foot. however the truck was not undamaged and the grill and the hood were both mangled. had the truck not been an enourmas vehicle with a very considerable momentum (as it was going the speed limit of 60) the crash would have likely involved my mothers car aswell and had that happened i might not have been born.
  13. earlier this winter me and my dad went some ski resort up in Canada go snowboarding which was actually very fun and unlike most of my other posts there were no unfortunate falls to note. however when snowboarding the lack of nearly any friction makes the transfer of potential energy to kinetic very noticeable. after you reach the top of the hill via lift there is a very high potential energy and since the hill was enormous so was my potential energy. As i travel down the hill i am going faster and faster as my kinetic energy is increasing while my potential decreases. with little friction to slow me down as i travel my speed reaches into what was probably at the same speed as a car traveling in the suburbs not quite highway level speeds
  14. when i was ten years old and my sister six me and her often went to the park to play as kids do. the swings were our favorite since they went the fastest after. the swings work by increasing your momentum back and forth by kicking your legs and increasing energy within the swings constantly until it reaches a comfortable level for the person in the swing. at either highest point of the swing the potential energy reaches its peak and many children including my sister and i t the time like to jump off of the swing. one day i decided to do just that and as my potential energy changed to kinetic i bent my knees slightly to allow the momentum to stop slower. my sister on the other hand landed on her elbow and broke her arm. one trip to the hospital later and around 4 months of wearing a cast we where right back on the swing set.
  15. i have not posted a blog on this site since the very end of last quarter and since then the swim season has started and almost come to an end. weeks ago we learned the impulse momentum theorem which states that an impulse acting on a system changes the systems momentum. a good example of this would be somthing in swimming called a flip turn, for those unfamiliar with the concept a flip turn is done at either end of a pool during a race to turn around and continue. during a flipturn the swimmer does a summersault in the water while moving which decreasing the momentum of the swimmer. mid turn the swimmer's feet will cme in contact with the wall and they will push off quickly this acts as an impulse as it transfers the forward mometum back into the other direction.
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