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  1. I recently saw Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and I was outraged with some of the physics I was seeing. I can't remember the specifics, but the physics in that movie was blowing my mind. Not sure how accurate it was
  2. If you asked me that question as a fourth grader or even seventh grader I would have said a scientist. I was asking for microscopes for Christmas as age nine, and anatomy books at age 11. And I will admit to playing a few video games. Shockingly, I want to be an English major now. However, physics is the best subject known to man. Especially if you are blessed to be in Mr. Fullerton's class. Best teacher ever.
  3. Another thing I forgot to add is the time travel we do every day. Reading books, looking at pictures, dreaming, day dreaming, and even playing music from the past. Think about reading a book like A Tale of Two Cities, written in 1859 by Charles Dickens. It takes us back to London and Paris, just by reading ink on a piece of paper. We go back to the days of the guillotine and feel like we are really there. Playing music from the classical or romantic era on a piano or any instrument may take us back to the 1700s and 1800s. While we are playing that old piece of sheet music, we may go back in ti
  4. Time travel was inconceivable for Newton and his studies. But in Einstein's universe it has become a possibility. Science fiction about time travel inspired some of today's scientific ideas on the subject. So dreaming about alternate universes is ok no matter what field you study. Time travel to the future is possible, and it has happened. Like FizziksGuy said, astronauts have aged slightly less than we whose feet have stayed on earth. Now whether time travel to the past is possible, that is still debated, given certain physical conditions. Also, the study of time travel can be used to discov
  5. Woah. That is one of the coolest things I've learned about the human body. How weird and awesome. I knew about keratin, but now I understand it even more! I love when my fingers get pruned from water.
  6. PepperJack


    Huh, I never knew that, how cool! I went to dunkin donuts for a free donut and hot chocolate right before my ball...my date ended up spilling his coffee all over my dress.... bad decisions.
  7. The Quantum Physics of Alice and Wonderland Lewis Carroll had some interesting ideas in his works, especially in Alice in Wonderland. Alice falls asleep in a meadow, dreams of plunging through a rabbit hole, then finds herself too large and then too small. She meets new and bizarre characters on her way as well, including the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the King and Queen of Hearts. She experiences wondrous, often strange adventures, trying to reason in numerous discussions that do not follow the usual paths of logic. Finally she totally rejects the dream world and wakes
  8. I love iron man. This makes me so happy.
  9. Summer is here boys and girls, and what better way to be cool in the sun, than flying a kite! It’s fun, safe, and somewhat boring when it stays in the sky for twenty minutes! So you may have to get creative with other things you can put on the string to fly up… But the point of this blog is the physics of flying a kite. A kite is light weight so it’s aero-dynamic, and also whimsical. The light small string is strong enough to not break when winds are high, yet light enough so it freely flows in the sky. There is a tail added to a kite for stability. Those little attachments that are li
  10. Awesome blog!! I am very inspired to work out now.
  11. PepperJack

    Look Out Below!

    I just went through so many emotions reading this. Extremely bizaar, and scary. And weird. Which is physics in a nut-shell.
  12. Scientists have proven that sound does affect our health and healing on a cellular level. Music can reduce stress and stimulate cognitive processing and memory in measurable, substantive, and lasting ways. Advanced Brain Technology a brain health and educational company whose therapeutic programs harness the properties of sound to improve individuals listening, learning, and communication skills. Health care professionals said that listening to music appeared to increase patients tolerance for pain and sped up their surgical recovery times. Music seemed to enhance premature infants growth rat
  13. I love soap bubbles. The other day I was doing my dishes, and the soap water was rainbow. It was from a crystal I had above my sink reflecting sun light!
  14. I wonder what the brain frequency is when you are having a nightmare... or sleep walking.. or sleep-eating.
  15. Throw away everything you have ever learned about classical physics. Forget about everything logic has taught you, and remove any ordinary rules of thought that every sane person uses to make deductions. For some people this may be harder than others, but for me, it's fun. Not like hydrogen bonding is "FON" but like real fun. Mr. Fullerton said, "If you understand Quantum Physics, you must be an idiot, or should have a PhD in physics." Challenge accepted Mr. Fullerton. Quantum Physics is like the rebel of all science's this is why I am so attracted to the idea! Classical physics says, p
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