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  1. can be painful, but physics none the less! love the game and now i know the physics part of it!
  2. jaygilbert

    Physics of Playing Guitar

    very interesting! i bet the same principles apply to all string instruments
  3. jaygilbert

    physics of rain

    physics can be found in everything, even the weather!! All precipitation contains elements of physics, however rain is perhaps the most interesting. Rain falls at what is called terminal velocity. this is when an object reaches a cirten speed and stops accelerating. The acceleration around earth is 9.81 meters per second^2. There is a very interesting physics consept as to why the rain water doesnt have a more devistating effect. most rain drops fall at a velocity of about 18 mph. getting hit with a rock going this speed would be a much different experience than being hit with a rain drop.
  4. now we know why balloons stick to things!
  5. that video is crazy! i would love to try that! haha
  6. jaygilbert

    physics of golf

    one of the most relaxing sports to partake in is the sport of golf. Golf is a timeless sport that is a ton of fun to play with friends, not to mention golf is a very physics active sport! Golf is heavily reliant on properties such as kenetics and kinematics. Many golfers make physics decisions every time they play without even realizing it. Everytime a golfer chooses a club they deside what angle they will need the face of the club to contact the ball for the desired elevation and range. For example a driver will hit the ball with a small angle but with more momentum due to its larger size,
  7. i had a feeling energy drinks werent too great for you! thats really interesting, the word should be spread!
  8. love kayaking! great way to get on the water and takes a lot of skill and apparently physics too!
  9. really cool idea! phyisics is even in kids toys! haha
  10. in thinking about physics in different aspects of the world around us, I have come to realize that physics is in things that I use everyday, not just in things like sports! I drive my car everyday and an average car has hundreds of aspects of physics involved with its handy means of transportation. One of the most influential aspects of physics in an automobile is friction. Car tires are made of rubber outfitted with patterns which increase the coefficient of friction and thus create much more reliable traction. Car tires are made so that while going around a turn the wheels are able to gri
  11. really cool idea! wouldnt have thought of physics in that setting until I read this.
  12. One of my favorite things to do during the fall and summer is sailing. Along with skiing, I think that sailing is one of the most physics filled activites you can partake in. Sailing is infinatly more complicated than most people think it to be, there are an unimaginable amount of variables that come into play when trying to harness the wind to move a boat. The sail is obviously the most crutial element to the sailboat. The sail provides a wide and flexible shute in which the wind is caught. When traveling perpandicular to the direction of the wind the sail only does half the work for the b
  13. knowing what happens when you wring out a towel in space, i wonder what would happend if you froze water in space?
  14. thats a cool question and i like the video. is there any other animals that can do this?
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