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  1. Last time I talked about Netwon's 3rd Law, and how it is similar to offense in basektball. I said that "Newton believed that every action had an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that all forces come in pairs. If object 1 exerts a force on object 2, then object 2 must exert a force back on object 1 which is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." To be good at defense in Basketball, it would be great to follow a similar concept. On defense your goal when matched up to a player on 1 on 1 defense your goal is to shut down 1 player and make sure they can not make an impact on the game. You want your defensive assignment to score as little as possible or better, not at all. Follow your player like a shadow. whatever he does, you follow that, so if he drives to the basket left, backpedal, and try to stay in front of him. direct him with your defense. If your playing a little bit off of him, stand between him and the ball, this is called being in hte gap, if you play it correctly, you should always be aware of the ball and the man. You are vulnerable to a back cut, if you dont watch your man carefully. If you correctly know where the ball and your man is, you are always in a good position to steal the ball off a pass. The 3rd Law idea also helps hear, as you have to shadow the offensive player your gaurding, mirror his movemnts so you can always stay in the gap, and you can always be in the position to steal the ball. Your goal should be to never let your assignment even touch the ball. No scorer can score without the ball, and that is something to remeber. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< In this clip, Kobe cuts, and recieves the ball for an easy two points, the defender didn't have a good enough position to either stop Kobe, or steal the ball, and this is exactly what you do not want to happen as a defensive player.
  2. Newton believed that every action had an equal and opposite reaction, meaning that all forces come in pairs. If object 1 exerts a force on object 2, then object 2 must exert a force back on object 1 which is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Success in Basketball can be found by folling the same kind of idea, and it applies to both offense and defense. On offense, a key to running an efficient attack would be spacing. Spacing has to do with how far each of the five offensive players are from eachother. Naturally if there are 5 gives on one side of the court it will be very difficult to score, because there just won't be that much space to work with. You tend to want 2 players on the side that the ball is on, and either two or three players on the side where the ball isn't depending on your team. If you have a good center, which is the player that is normally tallest or strongest can be right in the center of the court, so you would want 2 players on the ball side, 2 players on the non-ball side, and your bigman in the paint, or the middle near the basket. The four players out on the perimeter, then weave and pass the ball, rotating around the basket and the big man. This is similar to the motion offense the Eagles like to play, it is very effective, if you have the right players. One of the possible ways to run an offense if you dont have a dominating big man, you can sometimes run 5 players on the perimeter, and the players can take turns rotating onto the block, but the spacing becomes much for difficult to keep. The key point, is that for every pass and cut, the other 3 perimeter players react, and fill out the open space, the bigman, depending on the offense may run to the other side of the court, to where the ball is.
  3. Have you ever wondered why you always come down when you jump up? It's because of gravity a force that is always present on Earth. Gravity is what pulls you back down after you jump up. It's the reason why a basketball travels in a parabola when you shoot it. It is taking effect on the entire flight of the ball, like the incline. It's just the normal force pushing upwards against the force of gravity, but eventually once the ball reaches 0 m/s the ball starts to accelerate back down at a rate of 9.81 m/s^2. You can really tell gravity has worked right when it hits the apex, because that's when the opposing forces have equaled out! Sadly,Gravity will always have the same amount of force as long as we are on Earth... but if you go to a place like the Moon gravity is roughly 1/6 as strong as it is on Earth so you jump, or pass, or shoot a basketball a lot farther!
  4. In basketball trajectory is everything, whether it be the height you put on a lob pass to the post, or the arc you put on your shot. The lower your trajectory to 0 the flatter the arc on your shot or pass. If passed or shot at a 45 degree angle, the ball will travel the furthest distance. But when shooting, distance isn't everything, you want the highest chance of making a shot, and 45 degrees or lower, is just too flat to be consistently effective (Unless you are Kobe Bryant). Some of the best shooters in the world, have flat shots, but more often than not, the reason they are so good is because of how much they practice. If you were a bad shooter, the first thing you would want to work on is your arc. To a certain extent, the more arc you put on a ball the better chances it has of going into the basket, the best trajectory, would be between 46 and 50 percent.
  5. Displacement is an important thing to understand in basketball. Going in a straight line, a faster player like a point guard can cover more of the court or run farther down the court than a slower player like a center. The faster player has much more displacement than the center due to his speed. The fast player has also traveled a greater distance as well. In this video >>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<< Stephen Curry has a fastbreak dunk against the Los Angeles Lakers, even though he was farther back than the players running behind him, his speed aloud him to cover a greater distance in less time. When he runs back on defense his displacement will be zero because he will be in the same place as when he started.
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    Umm, I am a junior, and in my free time, I like to play sports. Basketball is my favorite, and I play it everyday. My team is the New York Knicks. This year I am taking Physics, Its my next Science class, but it seems cool, and better than Chemistry.
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