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    Physics On A Bike

    I was biking down a hill once on my way to Herremma's Market and I slipped of the sidewalk and into the grass. Since the grass has more friction than the pavement, i fell off my bike and onto the grass because gravity pulled me down.
  2. I did not know you played frisbee. Do you play ultamite? because I have an ultamite frisbee team that also practices over the summer.
  3. what a good way to look at friction
  4. A trampoline is a very good example of many physics concepts. Some of these concepts would be newtons third law, projectiles and newtons second law.
  5. JamesG

    Physics In Blogging

    The phsics in blogging are innumerable, but i will take some time out of my day to give three examples of how blogging relates to physics, more specifically newtons three laws. The first example for the first law would be me sitting at the computer. I am an object at rest and will remain so unless I am acted upon by an outside force, say being pushed out of my chair. the second law could petain to this because if I am pushed out of the chair with more force than I will accelerate faster until i hit the ground. The third law could be applied because until I am pushed i will exert a force on my chair that is being equally exerted back to me from the chair.
  6. Not that Alex would ever do this, however for the sake of physics lets say Alex throws a pencil at Joe. The thrown pencil is a vector because the pen has two measurable qualities, magnitude and direction.
  7. JamesG

    Physics For Dinner

    My parents had their anniversary last night and were going to go out for dinner. So naturally I stayed home and had to make my own dinner. I made myself a meal of the leftovers in the fridge and put it in the microwave to heat it up. Unfortunately when i took it out of the microwave I slipped on the floor and dropped it. when it fell out of my hands it fell at an increasing velocity until it reached a point where it was no longer accelerating, this point was the ground. So I cleaned it up and ordered a pizza.
  8. If you looked outside (or unfortunately, were outside) third period today, you would've found that it was hailing. When I saw this I began pondering about the physics affecting a peice of hail. some of the forces it would be under the effect of would be gravity and air resistance. I also thought of how fast it accelerated which would be 9.81 m/s.
  9. JamesG

    Zach's intro

    Hello Zach I didn't know that you went atving, that is very interesting. I am also looking forward to the labs we will be doing this year
  10. Nice intro Harrison, this is James. I think I will also join the swim team this season instead of doing indoor track again.
  11. Hello there! I am James and I am a student at Irondequoit high school. I have many interests some of which would include paintball, cross country, soccer and skeet shooting. This is not a complete list of what i find interesting however I find all of these activities quite enthralling and wish to continue doing such. All in all though this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things I enjoy, because I'm not very picky about activities I indulge in and I enjoy trying new things. I decided to take physics class for many reasons. One reason I am taking this class is because I believe physics to be a valuable science to know. I decided this because I learned that physics can be applied to anything. Another factor in the decision to take physics was the teachers that are teaching this subject, as I have heard only good things about them.

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