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About me, (PeterMartin)

Peter Martin

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                   My name is Peter Martin and I'm a senior this year at IHS. I am captain of the IHS X-Country team and I also like to swim and play tennis. Other interests I have are based in music and art. I want to become a musician with my focus instrument as Guitar though I also Trombone, Bass Trombone, Bass, and dabble in Banjo and Ukulele. I like to write songs and sing. I want to go to college for music performance. Fun fact about myself is that my dad lives in Hamlin so when I go to his house I get to walk to the lake and see goats in my backyard.


                    I wanted to take Physics because I wanted to have a science class this year. I wanted a science class because after you take them you can always view the world in a better understanding. I know in physics there will be a lot of opportunity for hands on projects so I'm looking forward to that. I look forward to learning more this year though admittedly, not always the homework!

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Hi Peter, and welcome to APlusPhysics!  Thrilled to have a guitar player in class as well (I have a piano and three guitars at home, though I like to play loud and with two little ones I don't get many opportunities to play without interruptions!)  Maybe I can bring the 12-string into class in the spring when we talk about resonance and talk you into a demonstration?


And I'm jealous about having goats in the backyard.  Growing up in a rural area we had plenty of neighbors and friends and my brother and I always loved playing king of the hill with the goats -- fun critters when you're a kid.  I don't think I could get away with having a goat here in the suburbs, though!


Make it a great day...

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