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  1. I saw this on myth busters, and I decided, even though they said it was not possible, I can still try, or dream of trying at least. It is possible to dodge the bullet of a sniper rifle. If the sniper rifle were far enough, that is. When the sniper rifle shoots the bullet, 3 components travel towards the target. Light waves, sound waves and a bullet. Light is faster then the bullet and the sound. Having said that, if the sniper was far enough to have a reasonable amount of time between the muzzle flash and the sound getting to you, it is possible to get out of the way. As soon as someone sees the muzzle flash, they could get out of the way, before the sound and bullet get there. Having said that, DO NOT TRY THAT. it's not possible. I just needed a good story that people would read. It's possible in theory, but never a good idea by any stretch.
  2. Jwt


    Every person, as a kid, always enjoyed echoes. If you say you didn't, then your lying. This past unit, I learned about sound and it's reflection off of objects. The reflection of sound off of an object is known as an echo. As a result of finding this, I know how to find the distance between me and an object based on the knowledge that d=v(t) and sound travels at 331 m/s in air at stp. By measuring the amount of time it takes for the sound to come back, and dividing it by two, I can find the distance between me and an object. Boom. I bet you all will do this tomorrow.
  3. Jwt

    My boss is loud

    Last night at work, I found the difference in amplitude of my boss' voice. Generally, my boss is a fairly quiet guy. He only yells when he has to talk over the noise of lawn mowers and other gas guzzling tools. When he speaks, it is very soft. Therefor, the amplitude of the sound waves is small. Also, he has a low voice, so his voice's frequency is much lower then the female workers in the office. When he yells, however, the amplitude of his voice is off the charts.
  4. As a child, I have always tried to fly. This never worked and it still hasn't, but just for fun, enjoy my story for now. Last Friday, the last day of me as a 17 year old, I went to work like I normally would. However, this time at work was different. We were raking leaves and such for 3 hours when I had an epiphany. "Let's take these rakes, tie them together with some leaves, and try to fly. So, having said that, we were off to the races. I tied my Boy Scout caliber knot and then got into the back of the trailer. Mind you, mass amounts of frictional force were being applied between the rope in the knot in order to keep the leaves and takes together. We never achieved flight, but we successfully found a topic for my blog posts. When I flapped my 'wings,' I created lift. This lift, plus the speed of the trailer and me, should theoretically make me fly. Lift has to do with physics obviously. Lift+drag would give me my total aerodynamic force. Which should make me fly. Unfortunately, it didn't. Then I got yelled at by my boss. Safe to say that day was productive.
  5. My dear friend Ryan needed a car. I was gracious enough to give him the beat up ford in my garage. However, physics have worked against this car since 2004. We spent hours trying to get this car to even turn the headlights on. The physics of electrons traveling between my brothers battery and the fords. It took a solid 2 hours in order to get the car to turn over. Finally, my brother got into the car and drove it a bit to get the rust and dust off the car. As a result, the car stalled out and died 20 meters (not yards) down the street. Gravity quickly took the wheel, and the car stopped. Physics never stops working against the ford and Ryan.
  6. Jwt

    My job.

    I work at seabreeze over the summer. Amusement parks are literally playgrounds of physics. Rollercoasters rely solely on momentum to keep going, gravity keeps all the carts on the track, and so forth. The ride I want to focus on is the music express. The music express has a plethora of physics. The most obvious is centripetal force. The music express travels in a circle at high speeds. This causes our bodies to fall towards the outside of the cart. In order to stay in, there must be some sort of acceleration towards the middle of the ride. This is known as centripetal acceleration. Without this and gravity working together, we would simply fall off the ride. OUCH! Come to seabreeze this summer, and learn all about physics with your favorite trash grabber, yours truly.
  7. Jwt


    One day I took a splendid stroll through inner city Rochester. I wondered, how come I can hear all the traffic around here? One answer, sound, and here comes another blog post. Sound is caused by the vibrations of atoms. The law of conservation of momentum and energy has a lot to do with this. Because the vibrations travel from atom to atom, there is a conservation of momentum that travels from atom to atom. Also, some times you just can't hear someone because they are too far away, this is because the momentum has been channeled into something else, such as the ground or any other obstacles in the way.
  8. Jwt

    Weight lifting

    Because I want to be big and strong like Seth, I decided to go to the weight room today. Obviously I needed to write a blog post on it. In weight lifting, gravity is a huge factor. Without the 9.81 m/s^2 acceleration downward due to gravity, we wouldn't have any weight to lift. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a jacked guy, so I start with lighter weights an guess what, gravity was my biggest enemy. Next came some cardio. I ended up realizing that the impacts of my foot hitting the treadmill was going up my legs, as well as the fact that the treadmill was exerting a force equal to my weight, in the opposite direction. Why does physics follow me every where?
  9. Jwt


    Every man wants to bowl well. And let's face it, it's tough. Understanding the physics behind it will help you become a bowling baller. I researched it a bit. Many people know that the lanes are greased, but what most people don't know is that the key to bowling a strike is by hitting between the two front pins, either the 1&2 pins or the 1&3 pins. It is important to know the use of spin and the conservation of energy and momentum when bowling. The lane has little friction, so you must spin the ball a lot to catch the lane and get that nice curve. Here's where the really physics takes place. The ball contacts the pins, thus creating a chain of collisions between the pins. Without the law of conservation of momentum and energy, when the pins got hit, they wouldn't create the same collisions because momentum would disappear. Now go hit the lanes champ, you know what to aim for.
  10. One day when I was driving in the terrible weather of Rochester, I thought, "Hm, why aren't I dead yet? My tires don't slide, even though it is icy." Then it hit me. My car has traction control. Mr. Fullerton wouldn't tell me how it worked, and told me to make a blog post. Traction control is a feature on most newer cars that controls the speed of the tires as they spin. There are sensors in the gas pedal and the wheels that move the car. (ie: front wheels on a FWD car) If the tire sensor senses that the tire is spinning without moving the car, it automatically slows down the tire by decreasing the amount of gas being used to move the car. This connects to physics because of all the friction worksheets we were forced to do. We all know that slowing the tire will allow the tire to grab on to the road and start moving. we learned this in physics class and drivers ed.
  11. Jwt

    NYC friction

    That table put just as much force on your sister as she did on the table!
  12. Jwt


    I used to mountain bike a lot, but the friction and gravity was too much for my calves
  13. Jwt


    that's so true, however I don't play sports, gravity acts on me too much.
  14. Jwt

    Physis of an Acorn

    The physics of the acorn hitting your friends head must have nearly knocked him out.
  15. I wish my fingers were as strong as yours! My controller doesn't tear or anything because my hands are like buttery velvet and there is no friction.
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