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  1. aj31597

    Furious 7

    In the movie Furious 7 there was a really cool scene where they dropped their high end cars out of a military plane with parachutes with the drivers in them in hopes to land on a road and continue driving. To shoot the scene they actually did it dropping two cars out at a time with parachutists following on the way down with cameras. At 12,000 feet the skydivers had to follow the cars at the angles needed and dodged falling debris. The shooting for this movie not only took caution and creativity but a knowledge of physics as well.
  2. aj31597

    Base Jump

    I recently jumped off a building onto a shed 10 feet away from the building. The height difference between the buildings were about 10 feet as well. This made for a really elaborate jump. Starting from rest I needed to use power to project myself form the edge instead of simply stepping off because the drop would have missed the building. I jumped upwards towards the shed and landed at the high point of the shed on my hands and feet. No injury because of the perfect execution of projection and landing, only a loud bang on the roof.
  3. Just saw Clint Eastwood's latest film "American Sniper", great film about the deadliest sniper in military history and the most applied physics for those shots taken. Chris Kyle has over 160 kills including a shot over 2100 yards away. As snipers are taught to he had to adjust for major acceleration due to gravity and the drop of the round. His skills and applied physics as a marksman saved countless lives.
  4. aj31597


    In the beginning of the Dark knight. Batman falls through the several floors of a parking garage in order to stop the scarecrow. His cape seemed to offer some sort of air resistance but he landed quite hard smashing the car. Once again Batman jumped out of a building to save Rachael from a fall. This fall was significantly higher and his cape had enough air resistance to save them and smash another car upon impact. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s^2 so the cape must have decreased their velocity to a magnitude of survivability or Batman is just awesome.
  5. aj31597


    On discovery channel I saw a penguin sliding on its stomach. They don't know how smart they are, creating friction and experimenting with physics. Penguins are scientists too and they know how o have fun doing it.
  6. aj31597


    After going to Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia and qualifying with an M-4 I learned that to be an efficient shooter you have to apply physics. A lot of factors come into play and you can control only so many. Breathing, trigger pull, and steady aim are the general principals. The farther the target the higher you have to aim because the force of gravity will make the bullet drop as it takes flight. In class we learned that a bullet dropped will fall at the same time as a bullet fired because the acceleration due to gravity is 9.81m/s^2. This is a cool new way to look at shooting.
  7. I know your struggle. Nothing sucks more when your going high speed and you eat dirt at the end.
  8. aj31597

    Defying Physics

    Mind blown by the Avengers. Now I have the courage to take on the hulk knowing this new knowledge of physics.
  9. Look at that kid go he is high speed. I wouldn't want to run into him
  10. aj31597


    Look at that vert. The hops show physics and athleticism.
  11. aj31597


    Yummmm I like pizza. Lots of science and physics to make your meal delicious.
  12. aj31597


    In Football Newton's 3rd law of motion is in action. When a running back is running head on against a tackler who is running just as hard and fast the outcome may vary. In games there are times where the running back gets hit so hard that he fumbles and other times the running back pancakes the tackler. One of the biggest factors is the mass because the forces are creating equal and opposite reaction. Force is applied and transmitted back. The player with more mass will generally hit harder.
  13. aj31597


    Catapults last week. The Eviscerator did not perform according to plan. While we accounted for all the necessary factors like the weight and power of our kill bar and 45 degree angle. We found out that the bar lacked speed on the approach and therefore had minimal distance. By having the weight farther out and shortening the kill bar we could have made the catapult fire faster with a greater distance as a result.
  14. aj31597

    About me

    I'm very interested in physics especially gravity and forces. I hope to have a better understanding of time and space
  15. aj31597

    About me

    I'm Alex. I like football. I like movies especially historical dramas. I was in basic training this summer at ft Benning.
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