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  1. It seems like just yesterday I was beginning regents physics class, and now it's almost over. It's been a struggle, but somehow, I got through it. Since this is my last blog post ever, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on this year in regents physics, so here it goes. When I first started this class, I knew right away I was going to have a hard time in it. I have never been very good at science, but I figured since physics involves a lot of math, it would not be too bad. I was mistaken. Usually in the beginning of a difficult class, I never understand anything at first. But one d
  2. ClarkK


    wow what a great topic to write about! i will keep this is mind next time i go swimming, thank you so much for enlightening me on another interesting topic once again!
  3. Like most people, I really love music. I listen to it all the time, and then last night, it hit me: I could right about the physics of singing for my next blog post! To start off with some general knowledge, sound is the sensation you experience when your auditory nerves are stimulated by vibrating air molecules. A sound can be represented as a waveform. The height of the waveform represents the amplitude or loudness. The distance between two successive peaks in a waveform is called the period. The number of peaks or cycles that occur in one second is called the frequency or pitch. Frequen
  4. ClarkK

    Shooting stars

    It is so interesting to think of all the science that is behind something like shooting stars. Thanks for enlightening me!
  5. This is so cool! I have always wondered about the science of lightning, and now I finally understand it
  6. For many, shopping for clothes and deciding what to wear each day are both enjoyable activities. Buying and planning out outfits takes a decent amount of thought, and it depends on various factors. For example, if it's hot out you would be smart to dress in light clothes, and if it's colder out, you would be smart to dress in warmer clothes. However, surprisingly enough, physics can also play a huge role in effecting what you wear every day. To start off, the electromagnetic spectrum has a lot to do with what you wear. If you go shopping through the different seasons, you will notice that t
  7. That is so cool! I would have never thought to apply physics to this topic
  8. I learned sooooooo much about softball through your post! I know I will keep this knowledge with me for the rest of my life for sure!
  9. Last night I was at an awesome concert, but as I looked around, I realized how much physics can truly relate to everything going on around me. First of all, if you are at a concert, you expect to hear some music. That must mean that sound waves have to be traveling through the air for everyone to hear it. As I was sitting there enjoying the concert, I realized that the speed of sound in air at STP is 3.31x10^2 m/s! This made me extremely happy to have some background information on sound waves that most people don't have because they didn't take regents physics. I also knew that the closer
  10. I am going to explain a little bit about how physics can relate to me walking to and sitting in my physics class everyday. First of all, the total displacement from the class I have before this to my physics class is approximately 100 meters. It takes me about 180 seconds to get to my class, because I stop in the hallways and stuff. Using the equation v=d/t, I can them determine that my average velocity is .56 m/s. However, as I get closer to the classroom, my average velocity decreases significantly because I do not want to walk into the class. When I see the classroom, there is about 10 m
  11. i think you did such a great job explaining the physics of volleyball!
  12. Wow, I never realized how much physics can truly relate to everything. I hope you have recovered from your loss of sleep over coming up with an idea for this blog!
  13. I'm Tori, and I'm a senior in high school. I don't really do any extracurricular activities, but I have a job so that's good enough for me. I love being around my family and friends, but I also like to be by myself sometimes. Once I graduate, I want to go to college and most likely get into criminal justice. Oh I love traveling too, I would love to go so many places, but I don't really feel like naming them right now because it's a long list. I'm taking physics because I figured if I could survive chemistry, this couldn't be too bad. Also, I figured it would look good if I took a science th
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