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  1. naturalyme

    Time Travel

    I think I would time travel and fix up some things in my past. Then maybe we could all achieve perfection, if that is humanly possible since we are born making mistakes.
  2. I like the comparison between Alice and wonderland and Quantum physics!!!!
  3. Electricity and music both are connected not only through electric instruments but through our brain. In the second video it compares the brain to an orchestra and shows how even sitting down relaxed your brain is constantly moving. I also have had EEGs in order to monitor how my brain works during a seizure. Once I got to see a picture of my brain and all the electric currents going to all sorts of areas of my brain. The seizure would start in two different places in my brain then continue seemingly randomly until it ends. We don't exactly know what causes my seizures but one problem my fa
  4. I wonder how long it takes us to receive the information gathered from the Kepler since we still haven't gathered the data from it's last years pictures.
  5. How did the German Scientists find out about negative Kelvin temperatures?
  6. naturalyme


    Kinematics in regents is fairly easy and definitely helps with car crashes and measuring the different heights of things when you drop an object. equations like d= initial velocity times time + (1/2)(acceleration)(time^2) help when you drop an object with an initial velocity of zero on the earth and want to know how far it dropped assuming it landed and didn't blow up or explode or anything like that. For example if you explored some exotic planet with plants the size of skyscrapers and you wanted to find out how tall exactly it was if you measured how long it took for one of it's petals to fa
  7. I thought that the sense of gravity changing for the boxer that was punched was fascinating I didn't know it gravity played an important role in boxing except for falling.
  8. How much does the angle where the pivot is make a difference in how the drinking bird works?
  9. Imagine your standing on the edge of a plane ready to jump off. As you look out before you you get a little queasy and wondered if this really was a good idea. In order to stay safe you'll need a parachute but why do you need a parachute? First you start out with equal force between your normal and your gravitational force equal as you sit on the edge of the plane. Then the moment you move your foot in order to jump out of the plane the gravitational force pulls you back towards the ground. After a while the air resistance will reach the same force as the gravitational force is at. This causes
  10. I love the references to Mr. Fullerton's hair and the cat in the box theoretical experiment along with the other pictures, especially the cartoons! I still don't completely understand Quantum Physics but it is fun to just enjoy the mystery. It makes you wonder what else is in the world that because of the way we are created we can't understand by our own nature of how we understand facts that are presented to us.
  11. I still cry at that scene too and I'm not surprised that Disney exaggerated. But it's interesting how even at the hight Mufasa was on the cliff he would've still died so it's not completely inaccurate.
  12. First let me warn you that I'm barely scratching at the surface of consciousness and the scientists still have a lot to learn. When you search this there seems to be two theories one that consciousness is similar to computers the other that consciousness revolves around the unity of different worlds and the reality as we see it is only an illusion. If you want to see a short clip of the physics of consciousness you can watch this: This only tells part of they story and other you tube videos can go on for a couple hours trying to explain consciousness. But one of the main points it brings u
  13. naturalyme

    Double Rainbow!

    Awesome not only are the rainbows beautiful but it's also fascinating when you talk of the physics.
  14. I never thought of looking into what the bees can see instead of the colors that we caal visible light. That and the picture really give you a sense of what a bees everyday must be like, as far as what they see.
  15. naturalyme

    Infrared Waves

    Have you ever wondered what other animals see when they can see more electromagnetic waves than we can see? Well I started with this question and found that a common electromagnetic wave that other animals can see is infrared waves. There are three different types of Infrared waves, near, mid and far. In the following You Tube video Imre describes how you can take pictures of near Infrared waves using your camera. Even though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for the pictures give you an idea of what an animal might see and since my brothers are both photographers it reminded me of them.
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