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  1. Now that physics has come to a close, I think my last blog post should be about what topic interested me the most throughout this past year! Although physics by far was not my favorite class, there were definitely units that were actually quite amusing. Through this year we have learned about friction, kinetic energy, waves, potential energy, newton's laws, and tons of other things. But the one that stood out from all the rest was electricity. In the electricity unit, we had many cool labs that were very interactive, and I learned many things that I never knew about before. For example learning about conductors was pretty cool, learning about what materials allows charges to move easily and which ones do not was expressed in one lab where Mr. Fullerton laid out different types of conductors and my group had to figure out which one's where conductors and which ones were resistors. This was fascinating to me because I never knew how many different conductors there were and how to really tell the difference between a resistor and a conductor. A resistor is said to be the flow of charge itself. Conductivity and resistance definitely goes hand and hand, without one another neither would exist. Coulomb Law-looks at forces created between two charged objects. As distance increases the forces and electric field decreases. In order to show this successfully, Mr. Fullerton arranged magnets at different tables and we experimented by bringing the magnetics closer together then separating them further and further apart. By doing so, we could see that the closer the magnets are to each other the greater their force and vise versa, which was appropriately explained throughout Coulomb law. AC & DC current- this topic was very interesting to me because I never learned about it before and it was actually quite interesting. There are said to be two different types of current in the world, one being direct current which is a constant stream of electrons in the same direction repeatedly, and alternative current which are charges that reverse direction. What was also interesting to me was the electrons can only flow if there is a current, I thought that electrons just always continued to flow but in reality they need a current. AC currents are used more around the world then DC current because its cheaper and easier to increase and or decrease the amount of energy. Most of the appliances in our homes are used with AC, DC is very unlikely to find. However you can also change DC to AC with some power converters as well.
  2. second to last blog post ever, and this time it was very challenging coming up with a topic to relate to physics. After a lot of thought i choose to write about swimming in this blog post since the weather is heating up and more people are opening their pools and going to the beach. In order for swimmers to maximize their speed, they need to minimize their surface area as much as possible while traveling through the water. Swimmers continually look smaller because the bigger the swimmer the slower they will move through the water, unlike a smaller person who will move more swiftly through the water. The larger the surface the greater the resistance, the smaller the surface area the less resistance will be produced. Why do swimmers wear hydrodynamic swimsuits? Well, hydrodynamic swimsuits are designed to fit close to the body inorder for the velocity to increase, also these swimsuits accomdate for the water movements along the curves of the body. Also, swimmers wear swim caps to reduce the amount of drag on the surface of the head. Buoyancy also plays a crucial part in swimming which also relates to physics as well. Buoyancy is the net upward force which acts on the swimmer because as the depth of the water increases, so does pressure. Meaning that the pressure beneath the swimmer is greater than the pressure above the water. At the surface however there is less resistance because fluid(water) is more resistance than air. Lastly, propulsion is also used as the swimmer is propelled through the water by kicking and lifting their arms in and out of the water. The greater the flexion in the ankle and the knee joints gives swimmers a greater propulsion because of the greater of motion. Without the kicking of the legs and using the arms as levers to properl the swimmer the swimmer would not be able to travel at a large velocity. Although there is alot more physics in swimming these are just some concepts that i feel are important and even a little interesting!
  3. FInally, my third blog. After writing my second blog on softball, I thought it would be interesting to talk about my second love, basketball. When playing basketball, a lot of physics must be applied. Basketball deals with a lot of physics especially in its shooting, passing, and also dribbling. Without the concepts of physics being applied to this sport there would be no such thing as basketball. Shooting: When shooting the basketball there are many concepts that you must rememeber in order to have the ball go successfully into the basket. First off the two many concepts that are illustrated are the shoot itself and also the spin that is put on the ball. In order for this to happen, you must push the basketball off your finger tips and the force and and angle applied causes the movement and the ability for the ball to spin and rotate in the right direction toward the basket, this example is more of a jump shot than a lay up. When talking about a lay up on the other hand, it deals with more of momentum. The velocity comes from the sum of the shooters speed and the balls speed as well, both work together inorder to make the shot successful. The biggest difference between the jump shot and a lay up is the amount of force applied, when dealing with a jump shot a greater amount of force is needed because of displacement and distance from the basket, unlike the lay up where it is helped and contributed by the back board. Laslty, the free throw shot. Unlike the other two types of shooting, the lay up consist of one very important piece of information the consistancy of minimizing the x-motion meaning keeping your elbow tucked in so that the ball can stay in the same plane. Passsing: Passing also deals with a great amount of physics. In order to understand this concept, one can use the equation F=mv/t which explains the idea " the greater the time the lesser the force will be which creates an easier catch to make". In order to create this prefect pass one must remember to keep the elbows sightly bent and allow for the arms to absorb the energy and force from the ball, law of motion and energy. When passing, one must remember that momentum divided by the time is equal to the net force. Dribbling: Dribbling deals with a great amount of physics, especially dealing with the types of energy. When one holds the ball without it hitting the floor this is callled potiential energy because there is no movement or energy being transfered. When the ball hits the floor this called kinetic energy because energy is being distributed amongst the ball and the floor.
  4. This was interesting, but could have put more effort and description into this! love the graphics
  5. i love, love how you compared the concert to physics! What an amazing time you seemed to have, wish i could have been there!!!!! ROCK OUT
  6. After creating my first blog, coming up with another topic was extremely difficult but after long contemplation, I figured that softball is something I know a lot about and find very interesting. Not only is softball a sport I love but it also deals with tons of physics. Batting: In order for a batter to create a good hit at bat they must hit the ball in the "sweet spot" on the bat. The sweet spot is where the smallest amount of vibration exist, which maximizes the energy transferred and the distance the ball will travel. How do hitters know they hit the "sweet spot"? Well, when one hits the "sweet spot" the stinging feeling they feel in their hands will be dramatically less unlike if they hit the ball near the barrel of the bat. However, even if you do hit the ball in the "sweet spot" physics shows that the reaction force is always equal to zero no matter where you hit the ball. Lastly, Newton's First law of motion: " An object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force," explains exactly how hitting can be explained by using physics. If the batter does not hit the ball as the pitcher releases it from there hand the ball will continue in the same path until the bat and ball make contact with one another which would change not only the path but the velocity. Pitching: Pitching involves a TON of physics, especially in the various amount of pitches the pitcher creates to throw the batter off guard. In order for the pitcher to create a prefect pitch and get it over the plate they must produce an underarm motion, making one full rotation of the arm, which is known by most softball players as the Windmill. Not only is the windmill motion important, but the pitcher must remember to snap their wrist when the ball meets their waste. But for this to be successful the pitcher must build up her momentum from her legs as she brings the ball through the windmill position. Not only does the pitcher need to make sure that she has the prefect stance and rotation, but velocity is very essential as well, if the pitcher does not increase their velocity when pitching the batter will have a greater chance to hit the ball! Hopefully after reading my blog you learned more about softball, but even more importantly physics.
  7. Thinking of a topic to start off my blog was actually a lot more difficult than I imagined! But after long hours of pondering( giving up hours of sleep), i woke up one morning and the light blub in my head went off, What about SHOPPING?! At this moment i felt the true essence of success run through my whole being, i felt alive for the first time in years. So i know what you must be thinking, how can shopping relate to physics? well i'll tell you...... When shopping your speed increases when you see something you really want, but when something doesn't catch your eye you are more prone to walk at a more constant speed. Mechanical energy also relates to shopping as well because mechanical energy is associated with the motion and position of an object. For an example, the motion in this situation would be the person walking and the position can be where the individual is at that very time. Lastly, gravity is also used, gravity keeps the shopper planted on the ground, stopping the individual from flying into the air. Writing a blog such as this makes me realize that physics takes place in everything we do whether we know it or not. Physics can be used to understand everything.
  8. i am loving physics, chillin with my home girl victoria clarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. wish you were in my class, seems like you are a very smart student
  10. seem really excited about physics, and i find it cool that you are really passionate about something..stick to it!
  11. Hi, my name is Danielle Gamble and I'm a senior at IHS high school. In my free time i love to play sports, mostly basketball and softball, which i also am apart of on my high schools varisty team. When i'm not playing sports i'm usually with my best friends, talking on the phone, or texting( my obsession). After Graduating from IHS i hope to attend Howard in Washington,DC to major in psychology with a minor in either education or history. I am taking physics this year because it was either this or ap science courses which doesn't interest me especially since i am more of an english, history type of person. I also learned it was a lot easier than chem and i thought if i could get through chemistry i could get through pretty much any class. But most importantly i took the class because i knew that it would look good on college applications. Although i do not like science i am hoping that this year will be a success!
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