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  1. Now that physics has come to a close, I think my last blog post should be about what topic interested me the most throughout this past year! Although physics by far was not my favorite class, there were definitely units that were actually quite amusing. Through this year we have learned about friction, kinetic energy, waves, potential energy, newton's laws, and tons of other things. But the one that stood out from all the rest was electricity. In the electricity unit, we had many cool labs that were very interactive, and I learned many things that I never knew about before. For example lear
  2. second to last blog post ever, and this time it was very challenging coming up with a topic to relate to physics. After a lot of thought i choose to write about swimming in this blog post since the weather is heating up and more people are opening their pools and going to the beach. In order for swimmers to maximize their speed, they need to minimize their surface area as much as possible while traveling through the water. Swimmers continually look smaller because the bigger the swimmer the slower they will move through the water, unlike a smaller person who will move more swiftly through t
  3. FInally, my third blog. After writing my second blog on softball, I thought it would be interesting to talk about my second love, basketball. When playing basketball, a lot of physics must be applied. Basketball deals with a lot of physics especially in its shooting, passing, and also dribbling. Without the concepts of physics being applied to this sport there would be no such thing as basketball. Shooting: When shooting the basketball there are many concepts that you must rememeber in order to have the ball go successfully into the basket. First off the two many concepts that are illustrat
  4. This was interesting, but could have put more effort and description into this! love the graphics
  5. i love, love how you compared the concert to physics! What an amazing time you seemed to have, wish i could have been there!!!!! ROCK OUT
  6. After creating my first blog, coming up with another topic was extremely difficult but after long contemplation, I figured that softball is something I know a lot about and find very interesting. Not only is softball a sport I love but it also deals with tons of physics. Batting: In order for a batter to create a good hit at bat they must hit the ball in the "sweet spot" on the bat. The sweet spot is where the smallest amount of vibration exist, which maximizes the energy transferred and the distance the ball will travel. How do hitters know they hit the "sweet spot"? Well, when one hits th
  7. Thinking of a topic to start off my blog was actually a lot more difficult than I imagined! But after long hours of pondering( giving up hours of sleep), i woke up one morning and the light blub in my head went off, What about SHOPPING?! At this moment i felt the true essence of success run through my whole being, i felt alive for the first time in years. So i know what you must be thinking, how can shopping relate to physics? well i'll tell you...... When shopping your speed increases when you see something you really want, but when something doesn't catch your eye you are more prone to wa
  8. i am loving physics, chillin with my home girl victoria clarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. wish you were in my class, seems like you are a very smart student
  10. seem really excited about physics, and i find it cool that you are really passionate about something..stick to it!
  11. Hi, my name is Danielle Gamble and I'm a senior at IHS high school. In my free time i love to play sports, mostly basketball and softball, which i also am apart of on my high schools varisty team. When i'm not playing sports i'm usually with my best friends, talking on the phone, or texting( my obsession). After Graduating from IHS i hope to attend Howard in Washington,DC to major in psychology with a minor in either education or history. I am taking physics this year because it was either this or ap science courses which doesn't interest me especially since i am more of an english, h
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