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  1. i like that you tested it! its so strange how this happens
  2. This is completely random, but as I was pondering ideas for a blog I discovered that there is a lot of physics involved in toasters! Most appliances that heat up, such as hair dryers, irons, and toasters, work by changing electrical energy into heat energy. Toasters are plugged into a source of electricity. From that source, the electric current runs down the wire and into the toaster. The inside of each appliance contains loops of different metals. The electricity does not easily flow through the metals. The metals slow down the electrons and hold up the current, which is resistance.
  3. emma123321


    thank goodness for captain gregory, i love my donuts! this was a very fun blog to read
  4. wow that would be soooo cool!!
  5. Have you ever been curious as to how a balloon can magically stick to a wall after rubbing it against some sort of material? This happens because of Static Electricity. Static Electricity is a familiar electric phenomenon in which charged particles are transferred from one body to another. When you rub your hair or a sweater against a balloon, charge transfer occurs, and Static Electricity is produced. In simpler terms, if you rub a balloon against your sweater, the balloon will steal electrons from the sweater, which leaves the sweater positively charged and the balloon negatively charged.
  6. Very interesting! I always wanted to go skydiving, but I would be scared that the parachute wouldn't work!
  7. wow this is really interesting, I had no idea that dogs and cats were color blind (besides blues and yellows)!!
  8. Today, while looking in the mirror, I suddenly became very curious as to how mirrors work. I remember talking about mirrors in physics class, especially when talking about reflection, but there is even more to it! The first thing I learned is that there are three types of mirrors: plane, convex, and concave. I will talk about plane mirrors. With plane mirrors, the image is always upright, virtual, and the same size. The Law of Reflection is a huge part of how plane mirrors work. This law states that when light falls upon a plane surfave, it is reflected so that the angle of reflection i
  9. emma123321

    Physics of Pre-School

    this brings back such good memories and it ties into physics so well!
  10. This is very interesting! It makes me want to go fly a kite!
  11. Did you know that when a dog's sense of hearing fully develops, it can hear about four times the distance of a human with normal hearing? How is this possible?! Well, it actually has a lot to do with physics..... Humans can typically hear sounds from within the frequencies of 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, meaning they usually can't hear any sounds below the frequency of 20 Hz or anything above the frequency 20,000 Hz. Frequencies that are out of the range of human hearing are untrasonic (cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing) On the other hand, dogs can
  12. this is a fun blog post, i'm glad I finally know why this happens!
  13. this is very interesting! I like to run too, and I had no idea there was so much physics involved!
  14. Here on earth we are so used to seeing heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects; if I were to drop a bowling ball and a piece of paper at the same time, it is pretty obvious that they would fall at different rates. The paper has a small mass compared to it's surface area, and the bowling ball has a larger mass compared to its surface area. It takes longer for the piece of paper to push away the air molecules, than the bowling ball. So how come on the moon, a feather and a hammer fall at the same speed? It has a lot to do with air resistance! Air resistance is the action of fric
  15. i'm excited to make the speaker too!
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