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  1. lshads

    Time Travel

    {Insert Nerdy Doctor Who TARDIS Joke Here}
  2. Nice!!! I sure wouldn't like to be punched like that though....
  3. I am very impressed by your independent study! You have prepared yourself well for your intended major.
  4. Yes, I agree also! AP Physics has so many twists and turns that we must remember the day of the test
  5. Theres no kind of free like stolen free! More like why don't we learn this in class...
  6. I totally agree! Mr. Fullerton makes his students ready to get a 5 on the AP if they stay on task!
  7. Zach, way to get lazy at the very end of you blog posts dude! But I do agree with you, these blogs, even if most of us wait way to late, force us to put physics into new scenarios to gain more extensive knowledge.
  8. Kerbal Space Program was awesome! You should try the broccoli formation for fuel intake some time!
  9. Thank you very much! I like this system much better than dropbox for easy data storage!
  10. lshads

    the end

    Best of luck in college Joe! And by the way, we missed you in BC the rest of the year!
  11. Guys, we have just finished the hardest classes in the school. I think I speak for all of us that senior year was quite stressful, but a great relief as well. We gained knowledge that far surpassed any other year. With Physics and Calculus placed 2nd and 3rd period conveniently, I think we all became morning people! To be honest, I never expected leaving to really effect me the way that it is currently. I am truly going to miss all of my high school friends. We have all toughed out our years, pushing ourselves to new limits, and helping each other along the way. With heavy hearts, we all must say goodbye and move on to our next years of school. We will spread out across the country to take our education beyond that of what we have seen thus far. I will miss my teachers as well, who have helped me reach my potential and helped me to my current grades. I feel ready for college now and whatever life pushes my way. I wish you all the best of luck in your future careers, and I hope we will be able to stay in touch, if we don't see each other in the newspapers making a difference to the world. So long nerds of 2013!!
  12. 1. Keep up with the blog posts!!! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE LIKE I DID, IT IS NOT VERY FUN TO DO. The blog posts are not a large amount of work, and they are a massive grade booster for the class. 2. Read the Textbook!!! The few times I took a look at Tipler, I gained valuable, relevant information on the current topic in class. It is by far the most useful tool Mr. Fullerton will give you when you miss a day. When I was out sick for 3 days, the textbook taught me the entirety of Gauss's law, which would have tanked me if I didnt understand it. I wish I had taken more advantage. 3. If you need help or don't like your grade, talk to Mr. Fullerton!!! He is a very understanding teacher who will go out of his way to make his students happy. You don't have to worry about grades in the class, because if you give your best effort, do you blog posts, and keep up with the lectures, Mr. Fullerton will go out of his way to make sure that you tough out the class and get a grade that you will be proud of. Hope this helps, class of 2014!!
  13. Now that I finally understand how to control the Kerbins, it's just about time to stop! I am always excited to got to phyics now so that I can take my crack at doing a new mission at Kerbal Space Program. Our missions have gotten increasingly competitive lately, since recently charlie and I were able to orbit Duna, and another group was actually able to land, dock, and return home from Duna! I am amazed by the scope of this program, as there seems to be a new twist, turn, and addition to the playing. I love this game so much that I might just buy it myself for my home computer! I really enjoyed the learning experience it gave me to be able to learn so much more about the thrust required to escape, create and monitor different orbits in order to make precise manuvers. Theres no pressure quite like trying to make the right efficient burn in order to exit orbit of Kerbin and try and create an encounter with Duna or Eve.
  14. I am excited to start my college physics programs next year. Since I have collected so many credits (Thank you Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Powlin!), I will not need to take the first two courses of Physics at RIT. Therefore, I will be taking a physics exploration class the first year. This will allow me to look at all different kinds of physics, even units we never covered in high school. I am very enthusiastic about the quantum level of physics, and I enjoyed the modern unit in B, so I think i will be able to find alot of enjoyment out of the class. I think it will also help me begin to decide the type of physics I will be taking. Also, I have enrolled into Electrical Engineering to have more job opportunities coming out of college. Overall, as this year comes to a close, I can't wait to see what college has to offer me!
  15. 1. Sit down 2. Look at the paper 3. Think for 30 minutes, trying to understand it 4. Try not to cry 5. Cry alot But if you actually want help... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inductance
  16. Volleyball is an interesting sport. It's very fun to play with friends with no serious competition, but once it's played for real, it is a difficult sport to master. You'd think it would be physically impossible to hit a sphere with two cylinders. Our studies of momentum have indicated that the collision would bounce off at irregular angles. Since it is easy to make passing unpredictable, I do my best to flatten my wrists by rotating them. Creating a flat platform, I am able to successfully pass the ball straight (or at least to where i want it to go) more often. I'm still going to shank the ball every once in a while, but I increase the favorablility of my pass.
  17. Allow me to give my first impressions on Kerbal Space Program. It seems pretty confusing as a software, just because it is unfamiliar. After my first flight had an interesting crash straight into the ground, I am very impressed by the physics engine. Taking the fact that we are flying 3-foot tall Kerbins into planets that are pretty colors into consideration, the Physics engine and cost system makes the game surprisingly realistic. I am excited to work with my team, Charlie and Devon, on winning this contest. Unfortunatley, we are in a setup that does not seem favorable to me. Although we start with the most cash, we inevitably suffer more penalties as will build larger spaceships due to a 10% additional tax. Still, I can't wait to actually learn how to play!
  18. I am constantly stunned when I listen to a new guitarist make sweet music, and yet I am also always amazed by the music that bands such as Led Zeppelin made previously. So how do all of these bands make sound that is pleasing to our ears? Well, physics takes its part in melody making! Although we didn't cover it this year, sound waves were one of my favorite unit of physics (probably because I got to bring my guitar in last year to demonstrate harmonics). Guitars can be tuned so that there is a frequency differential between the strings. Some intervals of frequency, such as perfect fourths and fifths, are pleasing to the human ear, while others are very dissident. Also, the 12th fret on a guitar has special qualities; being a complete perfect octave above the open string, it is the first harmonic, and therefore can be played with a very interesting noise. Go Physics!!!!
  19. lshads

    Physics on Youtube

    For those of you who don't know, there are many cool physics channels on YouTube for those of you who want to explore subjects outside class curriculum​. My favorite is Minutephys​ics, which covers small snippets of informatio​n at a time.  
  20. lshads

    The AP Exams

    As late as it might be, I'd just like to take a bit to reflect on the ap exams. We worked our butts off to try and achieve the highest possible. I bough review books, took old practice exams, and worked out all part 2 problems from recent years. Needless to say, i was completely prepared by may to take that test. And yet, I still walked into that exam and came out a little uneasy. The mechanics exam was relatively straightfo​rward, with just one part two that gave me grief. However, mr. Fullerton put it best: "electrici​ty and magnetism was a bear". I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way.
  21. Major success! Launch Time: 9:15 AM 6/06/2013 Team Members Present: Charlie, Luke and Devon Play-by-Play: Upon launch, the ship achieved stable orbit around Kerbin using the mainsail engine. After detatching, we escaped Kerbin gravity through use of the nuclear thrust. With some adjusting and retrograde burn, the satellite achieved orbit around Duno Time-of-Flight: 15:17 Summary: We succesfully put a kerbal into orbit around another planet, Duno. Opportunities / Learnings: I learned that I should slow down and plan out future missions... again. By making an efficient space ship, double checking my past mistakes, and piloting with the help of an additional member avaliable, we were much more successful. Milestone Awards Presented: Achieve orbit around another planet (2nd Place) : $500,000 . Available Funds: $277661.90-$41492+500,000= $736,169.90
  22. Misson was successful. Achieved 10K. Screenshots will be available when I have access to the computer (Test runs to Jool are in progress) Profits: 2500- 2279.20 = $220.80 Current Funds: 277441.10+ 220.80 = $277661.90
  23. Our function of the smaller milestone is to make smaller profits in preparation for orbiting another planet, which we hope to accomplish in the near future. As this will count as a grade as well, we hope to demonstrate our ability to produce efficient rockets on margin, and we need to achieve more milestones nonetheless.
  24. Team Name: Deveckler Available Funds: $ 277441.1 Vehicle Name: Cheap Cheep Vehicle Parts List and Cost: Command Pod Mk1 - $600RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster - $450 TR-18A Stack Decoupler - $600 Mk16 Parachute - $422 Total: $ 2072 * 1.10 = $ 2279.2 Design Goals: The vehicle is designed to launch a kerbal 10 Kilometers Launch Goal: We hope to achieve the 10k milestone. Pilot Plan: Press the Spacebar and watch the solid fuel do its magic. then press it again to break away and deploy parachute Safety Rep: Brendan
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