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  1. The reason why you get shocked more in the winter is because everyone has their heaters on which draws the moisture out of the air which causes the charges to build up and cling to us more since there is less moisture in the air.

    So I might want to adjust the humidifier setting on my furnace.....good to know! ;) 

  2. Quinn -

    Sorry you experienced the more painful side of physics.  Elastic and inelastic collisions are really interesting to think about, especially in terms of the sports that are played.  When I go bowling this weekend, I am going to try to put them both to work for me!! Which do you think would be most important?  

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  3. Hi Josh -


    I wonder why there seems to be more shocks in the winter than in the summer?  I dread walking across my living room carpet to turn off the lights at night, because I have to brace for an intense shock as soon as my hand comes close to the screws in the switchplate cover!  OUCH!  

  4. Hi Isaac -


    I appreciate the connections between physics and dodgeball that you are making.  I know that I have seen some pretty intense slow-motion, time-stop videos that demonstrate the collision impacts you describe.  I found one embedded in this prezi - https://prezi.com/nn6xcsmrgdzx/the-physics-of-dodgeball/It is in the "Collision" portion.  There are also interesting connections to your concept of absorbed forces to other sports, including baseball and NASCAR.  One is in favor of the absorption -one not so much.... 

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