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Physics intro


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I'm Miranda and a senior at IHS, a few of the things I love are lacrosse and boxing. I started lacrosse in 7th grade and will be playing my 3rd year of varsity this spring. I picked up boxing In the off season and grew to love it really quickly. Another thing about me is that surprisingly love my job and I also love my dogs more than anything.




I'm taking physics mostly because my counselor suggest it, but I think there are topics that will be interesting and fun to learn about since physics can be applied to everything that we experience in our lives. I hope to learn more about how gravity works and why things are able to happen the way that they do.  


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Hi Miranda.  Lacrosse and Boxing, those are two I don't hear together often (I've had one boxer in physics in the past five or so years, and he loved the class, so hopefully that carries over!)  I love my dog too -- even more than most of my relatives.  She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  What type of dog do you have?


CricketRest.JPG<-- Cricket the Wonder Dog

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