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  1. Very interesting analysis.  I wonder what the tank hat would accomplish... could you find out what the acceleration of the tank hat would be to the head with that added mass?  Even if the bullet doesn't penetrate, would it still be lethal due to whiplash?  Lots to ponder here...

  2. I am enjoying all the new stats during games.  Having some doubts about the pitch tracker, however.  If it's as accurate as they say it is, why don't they use it to call balls and strikes?  And if it's not, let's make it go away so there's less second-guessing of the umpires.  Personally, I like the variability of umpires and the ability of good pitchers to expand the strike zone, but it just seems so tacky when you see what the umpire is calling coupled with what the computer on every pitch.  Something there must be redundant!

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