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  1. I love paddle boarding! Nice post
  2. That video is why I have trust issues
  3. Ameliaâ„¢


    I love kayaking, you should try Irondequoit bay, quite the workout, but fun!
  4. Special request for Mr. Fullerton to recreate this magical performance in class.
  5. While I was on a college visit towards the end of spring break, towards the weekend of Easter in NYC, I was lucky enough to come across an event that is only held in major cities; this event, Full Bunny Contact. This was one of the most interesting "Easter-related" events I think I have ever seen as it included a variety of physical fitness activities and competitions for participants to compete in! Although the catch, in all events you competed against human-sized Easer Bunny Mascots. While they may seem cute, going up against one at Jousting is one of the most terrifying things you could eve
  6. If you haven't noticed yet, it's spring time and a TON of babies are being born. While this comes as a magical time for parents, it comes as a magical time for physics as well. Before babies are born, while still in the womb, mothers must go to doctors to get ultrasounds. possibly better known as sonograms. A sonogram uses high pitch frequencies to detect and create images of a part inside he body, in this case specifically, the womb! A longitudinal wave (in this case) is sent through the body causing particles to oscillate causing a series of compressions and rarefactions.
  7. For those who have not heard any of my released pieces of work, I am a classically trained clarinetist, with my prime playing coming from the year when I was about 11. Not much effort was put into the instrument afterwards, although I did have flashbacks when discussing the physics of how sound waves are created in instruments, although I still can't say I miss the clarinet enough to go back. Given that it is a wind instrument, players must blow air through the space between the mouthpiece itself and the wooden reed (which cooperates with the resonance in the instrument) that helps to create v
  8. :jig:While dancing has been an outlet to relieve the stress of our everyday lives for what seems like forever, it has been taken advantage of by those who have been gifted with artistic grace as well as those who may have not been as lucky in reciving such artistic traits. Although some dancers may have skill levels a little higher than others, there is one dance that has been advanced throughout history that nobody can mess up; this dance, The Wave. While it may look complicated, its as simple as sending a transversal wave through your body! From one arm, through the body, on to the other arm
  9. In just this past May I began to practice driving, and one could probably guess right off the bat, I had not yet quite adjusted to the sensitivity of the break. That said, every time I took a break, the person in the passenger seat (in this case my mother) almost flew directly into dashboard. This is due to Newton's First Law, "an object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force". While the car may have stopped abruptly, the passenger's natural reaction was to follow the car's initial path and continue forward. Although, as the reasoning of why they were created, my
  10. From just about every point in Seabreeze you are able to see the jack rabbit a.k.a. the fastest coaster in the world during its opening in 1920! While during this day and age the speeds and heights of this wooden coaster may not compare to others that came before it, there is still a ton to say regarding the physics behind it! As the rollercoaster begins, you make your gradual ascend to the top, the peak of all of Seabreeze. As this occurs you and the rollercoaster are building more and more gravitational potential energy the father and farther you move away from the ground. Although this is a
  11. Seabreeze Games is probably the best summer job you could ever think of. Meeting new people constantly, making people laugh, and being able to be outside everyday during the summer; and to get paid for it all just tops it off! But one of the most interesting things about my job that I was able to notice over time was people testing their lucky at physics. One of the most difficult games at Seabreeze is easily the Ring Toss. While it's interesting to see people's different approaches to the game, the most important thing to keep in mind is the projectile motion behind your toss. Moving along a
  12. I'm sure I can speak for almost everybody (except those with the poor lactose intolerant lifestyle), but ice cream is the single best thing on this Earth. Working in an ice cream parlor is not something that aids in stopping this type of addiction as well. But besides hopelessly staring at ice cream when work gets slow (as it is the middle of January), it's interesting to see all of the physics that can occur in one simple motion; scooping it. While ice cream freezes and collects ice and freezer burns over time, the longer it has been sitting, or the colder the freezer is, it becomes difficult
  13. right there with ya on the complaints girl.
  14. Ameliaâ„¢

    Physics of Tap

    Nice post! love me some dancing
  15. You sounded very enthusiastic about water. Entertaining. Nice job HK
  16. The with NFL playoffs underway, it is clear to see several aspects of physics represented on the field while the two teams are playing. Determining how factors will affect the ball will help to direct the quarterback to choose the best path for that throw. While in the moment it may seem as if all the QB is doing is looking for the quickest open pocket for a pass, he also must determine how the distance, wind, and weight of the ball are going to make a difference in the ball's path. Whether physics shows up in the flight of the ball, or the force when players tackle each other, physics is a fr
  17. Many leaves fell over the weekend, and as one could probably guess, I was forced to pick them up against my will. I found that more leaves more on the ground a few feet away from the tree, rather than directly under it. When the leaves would detach themselves from the tree, the forces acting on them caused them to move in this way. As gravity was a force pushing down on the leaves, and well a the wind (as we do live in Rochester) acting as a force that came from one side, the leaves would fall in a diagonal motion meeting between those two forces.
  18. Over the summer, I had people over to my house for a pool party. After making about 4 dozen water balloon, we thought it would be a smart idea to remove the screen from my window and drop the water balloons over people below... expecting them to break. Although, because we only did this out of a first story window, the balloons were not given enough time to build up enough velocity to force them to explode when coming in contact with another surface/object. If the balloons were dropped from a second story window they would've been more likely to pop and drench the people below us because, with
  19. Through my excitement of hearing that dinner was ready, I quickly made my way through our first floor, running into the kitchen and due to the fact that I was wearing socks (and just my luck, probably the slipperiest pair of socks I own), I continued to fall to the floor. This can be explained through Kinetic Energy. It was due to the nature of the surfaces both being smooth, and without and grooves, that I fell. There was no traction to create any friction between me and the floor. What I have learned, I only have two options: I should probably stop getting so excited about food, or invest in
  20. I was just waiting for you to get hit with the ball haha
  21. Watching the 2014 World Series, I saw a Royals player at-bat swing and hit the baseball into the outfielder where, off the ground, a Giants player was able to stop the ball and return to the infield to get the Royals player out. Although how could he have stopped the ball if he was standing still and it was travelling so fast. I was able to conclude that because the baseball player picked up the grounder coming in at a great speed, he was able to stop the ball primarily because for a moment he was moving his arm and glove just as fast to be able to stop the ball's motion. Balancing the force p
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